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Government Services

In the ZONE Training, Inc. specializes in 1-to-1 leadership coaching, customized leader development programs, team building, facilitation, and curriculum development and delivery. We work closely with our government agency partners to identify their unique needs and design programs to meet those needs. We have experience working with professionals from a variety of fields, including teams and leaders from technical professions.  


If you want to grow your own leaders, accelerate individual growth and skill development in current leaders, or improve overall satisfaction, retention, and performance in your workforce, we can help meet your leadership development and team building needs.  


Learn more about our government consulting services, experience, and customer satisfaction below - or contact us to discuss your needs. 

Leader Development

Our Leader Development Programs equip leaders at all levels with skills and actionable tools that will help them lead and manage more effectively, leading to increased performance, satisfaction, and employee retention.

  • Customized programs designed to meet each client's needs

  • Small or large groups

  • Classes, workshops, programs

  • On-site or virtual programs 

“I used a lot of the skills you taught me in a meeting with contractor last week, especially listening and using empathetic responses.” USACE client

"The communication skills we've been working on have really helped me, both at work and personally." USACE client

Team Building 

Building and maintaining collaborative, cooperative, high-performing teams is one of the most challenging obstacles leaders face. When team issues surface, many leaders are unsure of what to do to improve the situation. 

Our team building & development programs help teams and leaders get to the root of issues and learn how to work together more effectively to increase satisfaction and performance.

  • Experience with civilian/military teams

  • Programs, workshops, classes in communication, conflict management, relationship building, etc. 


Well validated psychometric assessments can help leaders and potential leaders better identify "blind spots." We use a variety of assessments and help leaders and team members interpret the results to increase self-awareness, identify gaps, and create concrete growth goals.

  • Organizational Network Analysis

  • Gallup Strengthfinder

  • VIA Character Assessment

  • NEO-PI-R

  • Communication Styles Inventory

  • TKI

  • MBTI

  • 360's 

Government Experience

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas City Contracting Division

1-to-1 coaching, leader development workshops, team building program.

Contract #W912DQ20P1012

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,Walla Walla Contracting Division

1-to-1 coaching, team building.

Contract # W912EF20P5045

U.S Army Corps of Engineers, HQ

Contracting Workforce Development Workshop: Excelling in a Virtual Workplace

Army Management Staff College

Continuing Education for Senior Leaders - Strategic Leadership course (GS14/15)

Senior Instructor (2017 - present) 

1-to-1 Coaching

1-to-1 leadership coaching helps future, new, and even experienced leaders improve their communication, confidence, emotional intelligence, conflict management, relationship building, and influencing skills - skills that often derail leaders and make them ineffective. 


  • Highly credentialed and experienced coaches 

  • Video or face-to-face meetings

  • 3,6, or 12 month packages

  • Over 1,500 hours of coaching experience with government employees


"Our 1-to-1 coaching sessions have really helped me expand my perspective about certain situations and consider alternate motivations or reasons for others' actions. I have also become more aware of my communication deficiencies and improved my communication with other team members, customers, and leaders, which has improved my effectiveness."  USACE coaching client

Curriculum Development & Course Facilitation

Need a new class or program? We have been developing and facilitating engaging, relevant graduate-level curriculum for adult and military-affiliated learners for over 25 years.

  • Coaching for High Performance

  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence

  • Managing the Human Element of Change

  • Presenting for Impact

  • Building and Leading High Performing Teams

  • Principles of Effective Feedback

  • Mentoring, Coaching, and Counseling

  • Individual and Team Resilience

  • Interpersonal Skills

Coach & Instructor Credentials

All coaches and instructors have earned a Ph.D.'s or Master's degree in relevant fields like Organizational Development, Adult Learning, Counseling, or Business Administration, and Communication.

Leadership Coaches have decades of experience as successful leaders in military, higher education, nursing, health, and business professions. They are trained in ICF core competencies and are guided by ICF ethical standards.

  • Over 2,000 hours of 1-to-1 coaching

  • Specialties in health and wellness, conflict management, EQ, Strengths, Team coaching

  • Certified by ICF and other professional organizations 

All instructors have academic expertise in adult learning and high-quality experience teaching working professionals. Many are award winning current or former college instructors.  

POC Information

POC: Judy Favor, Ph.D., CEO





PHONE: 913-626-6751

What Government Clients Say


Keith Whitcomb, Director of Operations, National Veterans Intermediary 

"Dr. Favor understands the intricacies of leadership, interpersonal behavior, emotional intelligence, and team building. As an Army leader with over 30 years of experience, her insight has made me a better facilitator and leader. A true mentor…Thank-you!"


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