Team Building & Development 

"Bringing together disparate personalities to form a team is like a jigsaw puzzle...We want to make sure our players fit together properly and complement each other...If personalities work against each other, as a team, you'll find yourself spinning your wheels."  - Pat Summit - University of Tennessee Women's Basketball Coach

Team Chemistry

Developing and maintaining good team chemistry is one of the most challenging obstacles leaders face. When team chemistry and conflict disrupt team performance, many leaders find themselves spinning their wheels, unsure of what to do. 

Team building workshops help team members and leaders improve personal self-awareness, become more aware of and understand other team members, build stronger relationships with teammates, and improve team communication, commitment, and accountability.

Team Building Workshops

Different teams have different issues and challenges. That's why our team building workshops are generally customized based on needs and desired outcomes. We work with managers and leaders to determine desired outcomes, then develop methods to achieve those outcomes.


Most workshops range from a 1/2-day to 1-day and are held in-person, although video conferencing may also be an option.  

Team Assessment/Diagnosis

Often what leaders and managers believe is leading to poor team performance or satisfaction is only part of the story. We use a variety of assessments and methods to evaluate current team functioning, diagnose team problems, and design workshops that help get everyone on the same page and moving toward higher performance

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Testimonials from Workshop Attendees

"Excellent speaker! Engaging and informative."

"Engaged with the entire group and very encouraging."

"Excellent key points that all leaders need to address." 

"Very informative and related to me perfectly."

"Amazing speaker and wonderful presentation."

"An incredibly comprehensive talk on building a better team."

"Your workshop with us last week was incredible. People are still talking about it and how it helped us understand each other better and communicate more effectively." 

Testimonials from Athletes and Coaches

Valid Assessments

Wow! This is spot on information. Really outstanding and awesome stuff! Everything you shared about our team last year was true. It was amazing! We want you to work with our coaches and team again this year. NCAA D1 Head Coach


Personality Insights

Our personality insights have been most helpful on the coaching side. Getting a better idea of how players respond in competitive situations and how they view themselves has helped us with coaching and instruction...Thanks for all you have done!"  NCAA D3 Head Coach

Appreciating Differences

I understand now how everyone is different. I think this has truly helped my team see how our differences can benefit us not hinder us. NCAA D1 athlete

Improved Communication

Just simply knowing how different people are has made it easier to understand and overcome differences or small miscommunication.  NCAA D2 Athlete