"Bringing together disparate personalities to form a team is like a jigsaw puzzle...We want to make sure our players fit together properly and complement each other...If personalities work against each other, as a team, you'll find yourself spinning your wheels."  - Pat Summit -

Developing and maintaining good team chemistry is one of the most challenging obstacles leaders face.  


When team drama and conflict disrupt chemistry and impact team performance and enjoyment, even great leaders often don't know what to do. 

Research shows that "team-building" activities many teams engage in seldom have positive long-term effects because the vast majority focus on short-term fun and fail to address the real issues and challenges that cause problems in teams. 

We work with teams and leaders on real issues like commitment, accountability, poor communication, and conflict. 

Our goal is to prevent team chemistry issues by teaching team members and leaders how to identify issues that impede performance and successfully navigate issues to improve team and individual performance. 

Attitude and chemistry are the factors that control winning, no matter what the talent level. - Gary Barnett -

Team Building Outcomes

  • increased self-awareness and accountability 

  • increased cohesiveness and commitment 

  • improved communication

  • decreased conflict and drama

  • understanding of personal & team strengths and weaknesses

  • improved internal leadership

"I have tried to step up my leadership abilities by keeping the team on track of what we are supposed to be doing, whether it be at practice or even off the field... Knowing what my strengths and weaknesses are really helped me to realize what I should work on as far as being a leader and a teammate."

NCAA Division II Athlete


Appreciating Differences

I understand now how everyone is different. I think this has truly helped my team see how our differences can benefit us not hinder us. 

NCAA D1 athlete

Valid Assessments

Wow! This is spot on information. Really outstanding and awesome stuff! Everything you shared about our team last year was true. It was amazing! We want you to work with our coaches and team again this year. NCAA D1 Head Coach

 Coaching Insights 

"Our personality insights have been most helpful on the coaching side. Getting a better idea of how players respond in competitive situations and how they view themselves has helped us with coaching and instruction...Thanks for all you have done!"  NCAA D3 Head Coach

Improving Communication

Just simply knowing how different people are has made it easier to understand and overcome differences or small miscommunication.  NCAA D2 Athlete