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Private softball lessons help fastpitch athletes focus on both skill-related and mental-related aspects of their performance.


At In the ZONE Training, we are interested in your daughter's long-term development and focus on teaching proper mechanics and mental skills that will allow her to achieve her potential and participate in softball as long as she desires. 

Softball Pitching Lessons

Softball Pitching Lessons

Private pitching lessons help athletes improve their personal performance with one-to-one attention. Private, semi-private or small group pitching lessons may also be available.


All pitching lessons emphasize development of correct mechanics and include consistent feedback and drills to practice at home. Lessons are generally 30 -45 minutes and are held in the Olathe, Kansas area.


*Fees: Private lesson: $40 (30-min.) / $60 (45-min.)  *additional facility fees apply during winter months

Softball Hitter

Individual evaluations provide an opportunity for softball athletes outside the Kansas City area to access professional expertise either through 1) video analysis or 2) one-time skill evaluation.


Video Analysis - Includes a detailed analysis of mechanics and written recommendations.                               Fee: $60 - $75   


In-person Skill Evaluation - Includes an analysis of mechanics and specific recommendations. Fee: $45 - $60. (Additional facility fees may apply in winter). 


Softball Pitching Clinic
Customized Clinics
Team softball clinics feature instruction and drills that develop proper mechanics and muscle memory. Clinics can be customized to fit your particular needs. Contact us to discuss developing a clinic for your team. 


Coaches clinics help team coaches to learn new fastpitch drills, motivational techniques, or game strategies. All coaches clinics are customized based on your needs, timeframe, and location. 


Clinic fees: Contact us for a quote for your team.

Credentials Matter

Two of the most alarming issues in youth sport today are burnout and overuse injuries. Each year thousands of young athletes leave softball and other sports because they are burned out from playing too many months per year or have develop chronic injuries due poor mechanics and/or overuse.


Though the vast majority of "pitching coaches" and youth coaches have good intentions, few understand important physiological, psychological, developmental, and educational principles. 

Regardless of who you choose to work with, ask about credentials and pitching/coaching philosophy and make sure you, your daughter, and all coaches are focused on long-term development and enjoyment rather than short-term glory. 

In the Kansas City area, all private lessons, clinics, evaluations, and mental skills training sessions are conducted by former NCAA Division I head coach, Dr. Judy Favor. 


Our pitchers have gone on to play at numerous NCAA D1, D2, and NAIA institutions.

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