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Does your athlete play worse after a mistake?

Does your athlete struggle with emotional control?

Does your athlete have a hard time maintaining confidence?



Mental Skills Performance Training

Mental performance training helps college, high school, and elite athletes learn and improve mental skills like confidence, focus, emotional control, and motivation that are necessary to overcome adversity and compete at the highest level -- both in sports and in life.  We offer 1-to-1 mental skills training sessions in-person or using video technology. We can also customize program for your college, elite club, or high school team.

  • Improve confidence

  • Recover from mistakes more quickly

  • Improve attention & focus

  • Control emotions when things don't go your way

  • Use mental imagery and visualization  

  • Cope with pressure and control anxiety


Softball Pitching Lessons

Learn more about opportunities for softball pitching lessons in the Kansas City area by clicking the button below. 

1-to-1 Mental Skills Training


Peak Performance Survey


2 Coaching Sessions



Peak Performance Survey

4 Coaching Sessions

Developing a Champion's Mindset workbook 





 Peak Performance Survey

6 Coaching Sessions

Developing a Champion's Mindset         workbook 


Individual sessions are available in person or using video technology.

Mental Skills Training Outcomes and Satisaction

College Teams

  • We are incorporating your Developing a Champion's Mindset workbook into weekly team meetings.The girls are using the accountability lingo at practice and it's interesting to see how they handle situations now. NCAA D1 Assistant Coach 

Elite Youth Teams 

  • Thank you so much for being with us today and sharing so much. It was amazing and we will be utilizing many of the things you talked about and demonstrated today. I will definitely be in touch and thank you again! Kevin Hinde, Team NC 14U

High School Teams 

  • The girls are getting ready to go to State and we have been tapping into a lot of the skills you talked about with them. Thanks again! Amanda Haigh, Olathe North High School Swimming & Diving Coach

Individual Athletes

  • [My daughter] has shown tremendous growth in the past 6 weeks using the techniques you shared with her...great to see she is more confident and HAS a mental game plan! I saw her struggling mentally, but just couldn't get her out of the funk using my own personal insights. California Firecracker 18U parent

  • Thank you so much for talking to me. I feel like now I know what to do to get my mindset in the right place. Elite Youth Athlete

  • Hi Judy. Just wanted to let you know I played a few innings today and even hit a home run! I've still got work to do, but I definitely felt more relaxed today...Good way to end the fall." College Athlete

A few of our sport clients: 

  • Team North Carolina - Hinde Elite Softball Team

  • Kansas City Peppers Elite Softball Team

  • Olathe North High School Swim Team

  • Topeka West High School Softball Team 

  • Elite Softball Organization 

  • Top Gun Invitational Camps

Youth Sport Articles 

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